Jay Davey

Jay Davey Bespoke Willow is a partnership of Jay Davey and Theresa Decker, husband and wife and creative partners. Jay is the maker and Theresa handles marketing and administration, but we collaborate on many other aspects of our business. Jay started working with willow about 25 years ago, whilst Theresa previously worked in the area of food and nutrition and joined Jay in the business more recently.

Based close to Taunton and the Somerset Levels, where willow has been grown for generations, Jay uses the locally produced willow to create his work, most of which is woven on site. Our projects range from willow hurdles and screens, seats and arbours, climbers, structures and art based pieces.

Weaving on site enables Jay to tailor work to client and site requirements. He has had the opportunity to work in a variety of spaces, from contemporary homes, roof top terraces, country cottages, estates, commercial projects, shows and show gardens.

Please email or call to discuss any projects you have in mind. For an estimate, please send measurements, photographs of the site and a description of the project. PLEASE NOTE, as of February 2024 we are limiting further inquiries. Jay's schedule is full for the most part, for 2024.  Thank you.